High Quality Visual Signal
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More Tests

1. Lucid vs JPEG2000: The followings are image quality comparison between Lucid and JPEG2000 using the ISO standard testing image bike (2048*2560*8) at the same compression ratio 9.2 : 1. Here displayed are two parts of the image. 

             Original image                                                   JPEG2000


original      JPEG2000
                  Original image                                                  JPEG2000


2. Lucid vs JPEG2000 & JPEG XR: The followings are image quality comparison between Lucid, JPEG2000 and JPEG XR using Kodak testing image Window (768*512*24) at the same compression ratio 30 : 1. Click here to download the files for comparison in whole image.

original      JPEG2000
                Original image                                                 JPEG2000

JPEG XR (Microsoft HD Photo)      Lucid
                         JPEG XR                                                     Lucid

3. High ratio compression: The followings are image quality comparison at high compression ratio using Kodak testing image Birds (768*512*24). The highest compression ratio which JPEG can reach is 150:1. The highest ratio Google WebP can reach is 250:1. In contrast, Lucid can reach 500:1 or even higher.  

Comparison at high ratio

(1). JPEG (150 :1 ):

JPEG (150:1)

(2). JPEG2000 (150 :1 ):

JPEG2000 (150:1)

(3). JPEG XR (150 :1 ):

JPEG XR (150:1)

(4). Google WebP (150 :1 ):

Google WebP (150:1)

(5). Lucid (150 :1 ):

Lucid (150:1)

4. Lossless compression:   In addition to the outstanding performance in lossy compression, Lucid performs lossless compression as excellent as JPEG2000. To the 24 Kodak testing images, performance differences between the two coders are less than 1% (+, -). We also can see that, Lucid may improve up to 25% than JPEG XR (previously called Microsoft HD Photo). Meanwhile, Lucid lossless may improve by 80% (nearly double) than PNG. Google WebP lossless performs close to Lucid and JPEG2000, but runs in much lower speed.

Comparison of Lossless Compression

Kodak images:  1-alfred, 2-beach, 3-birds, 4-boat, 5-country style, 6-girl, 7-golden ball, 8-hats, 9-house, 10-island, 11-knob bolt, 12-light home, 13-light house, 14-little red, 15-motorcycles, 16-mountain brook, 17-pier, 18-rafting, 19-red hood, 20-sailboat, 21-sailboats, 22-six shooter, 23-window, 24-wood brick.

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